Frequently asked questions


Who can have an account on the “Mountain of Good”

Everybody who is a registered short-term volunteer or a coordinator of Organisational Committee WYD Cracow 2016.

I did not got any activation email.

On the website there is a form for short-term volunteers that still do not have an active account on the “Mountain of Good” . Try to type there your email address that you had given before in the Vatican form.

I have an idea for improvement, addition of other applications, who can I message?

Any proposals, questions etc. can be sent to the email address Furthermore, on the masthead on the main site of the web portals there is a bookmark 'for the programmers'.

Can I communicate with other volunteers through the “Mountain of Good”?

No. The Portal does not function as social media.

I cannot log in in spite of correct data. What should I do?

You should check if there is an accidental incorrect space. If it is not the case, then the problem should be reported to

A wrong format of my address pops out, what should I do?

You should report the problem to

Settings of the profile – who will see my profile?

The profile is visible for other registered volunteers and coordinators.

Can I always edit/update my data?

Personal data on the profile is unchangeable as it is directly tied to the data from the Vatican base – i.e. the one that was registered for short-term volunteering. The information that can be changed is: the photo and the answers to the questions in the general profile.

Can I change the email address I have on the “Mountain of Good”?

No, it is an unchangeable data.

What should be the size of my profile picture?

JPG, PDF, max. size up to 10 MG

Which of data will be public and which will be available only for coordinators?

According to Terms of Use specification re article IV. terms of using the portal.

Work bank

What bank of volunteer work is?

Bank of volunteer work is a place where coordinators put tasks to do for volunteers. You can find there all the information related to the task and can join tasks you’re interested in.

Can I add a task to the bank of volunteer work?

Only coordinators can add a task to the bank.

What does the type of a task mean? (I took/I gave for WYD)

I gave – I dedicated my time to do this task. I took – I took part in some event prepared by KO ŚDM (e.g. concert or bonding event) rather than do some work preparing the event.

What is the quickest way to search a specific task?

All of current tasks are available in the bank of the volunteer work.

How can I find a specific task if I don’t know the author of it? (e.g. someone recommended me a task and I want to join it)

Unfortunately you cannot. The website do not provide a tool to search tasks.

Adding tasks

What can be the categories of tasks?

The categories of tasks can be used to group associated tasks and to help in searching them by the use of filters in the Bank of Work. The categories can be connected with an event, a section or a project, e.g. ''Volunteer +”. For example, if we want to create a set of actions associated with the event ''WYD Prom”, e.g.: ''Signup for the WYD Prom”, ''Cleaning the room after the Prom”, ''Meet the volunteer from the Prom”, we can give them a common category ''The Prom”. Or, if we want to e.g. create a task that is subordinate to the project ''Volunteer +”, we can give it such a category.

What can be the type of a task?

We introduced 2 task types: You should put the type ''I took from WYD” in the case of an activity in which a volunteer gains something thanks to WYD, e.g. an activity in which we declare participation in an integration party. On the other hand, the type ''I gave to WYD” means an activity in which a volunteer does some work for WYD, e.g. ''Help with cleaning the office of the Organisational Committee of WYD”.

What should I do if the task does not happen in a specified place?

It means it can be done e.g. distantly - there is no a specified place where a volunteer would have to do it.

Do the tasks need to be translated into different languages?

Currently, the Portal works only for the Polish volunteers.

What is the difference between a private task and a public one?

A private task: the coordinator invites themselves the volunteers chosen for the task and the task is not visible in the Bank of Work. Only the chosen volunteers receive the information about the task. A public task: the volunteers apply for it themselves and it is visible in the Bank of Work.

The mobile application

What is the mobile application and what it has in common with the “Mountain of Good” '?

During the WYD, the mobile application for volunteers will be a tool enhancing the “Mountain of Good” and it will be directly connected with the portal. The application will work on Android and iOS. The accession data for the app and the board with the tasks to be done will come from API that is publicly shared by the “Mountain of Good” .

Which devices can I use the mobile app on?

On all mobile devices that have an access to the Internet and that work on operating systems iOS or Android.

How I will receive and send messages in the app?

All information will be received by the volunteers at their email.

Do I need to have an account in the “Mountain of Good” in order to use the mobile app?

Yes. The access to the application will be ensured through the “Mountain of Good”.